Not only is the Shake It Booty Band a good band and fun to listen to, they provide a great show!  The novelty of an all-girl band, all excellent musicians; and the fact that they are obviously having a good time on stage comes together to make the audience want to join them at the party! This makes perfect fair entertainment. And for the promoter, I'll add that in my experience they are professional at all times -- prompt and easy to work with. The Shake It Booty Band is definitely on my booking list when I need a party band.
-- Jane Engdahl at the Sonoma County Fair

" What a trip! Retro 70's and 80's with a 21st century energy comin' at ya.
It's live disco and Maria Stanford might as well be channeling James Brown himself. A sight to behold!"
-- Bay Times

We had more fun at our holiday party now than we ever did before! We did our first live music dance/holiday party in 2012 and the response was outstanding. Partygoers, including a hearty group of hikers who climbed up some major hills and hiked for 3 hours beforehand, got UP and stayed UP for the whole dancing party! These women know how to bring down the house. The band is tight, authentic and raucous. Play that funky music… it’s what they do!
-- Linda Binda, Sierra Club Holiday Party

Shake It Booty Band is one of my favorite cover bands. Every time I think of them it makes me smile. They are super tight with a big clean sound. You can't sit in your seat when you hear these girls, they just make you want to get up and dance. I call them the pied piper of cover bands because every time they play DPC we get people coming in off the street wanting to be a part of the fun.
-- Rachel Herbert, Park Cafe Restaurant Chain

Shake It, Booty Band is pure good times! They are guaranteed to have your entire party on the dance floor, arms in the air, singing along to loved cover songs. Absolutely wonderful band!!
--Dawn Huston, Fabulosa Music Festival and El Rio Night Club

As a local event organizer, I've had the opportunity to work with a large number of talented musical acts, not many of whom were as talented and entertaining as Shake Your Booty Band. They really know how to bring crowd to their feet and keep them dancing for the whole show. I fully intend to bring them back to my stage in the very near future.
-- Michael McDonough, Neptune Street festival and Executive Producer, Spotlight on Excellence/